Yamaha revolutionized personal watercraft with the introduction of the world’s first sit down personal watercraft in 1986. Since that time, Yamaha has remained committed to forward thinking innovation and groundbreaking technologies, which has led to Yamaha becoming the #1 global brand on the water. Take a closer look at how this commitment sets Yamaha apart and creates a better experience for our customers.


Assembled in the USA

Yamaha WaveRunners are proudly assembled at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America (YMMC) in Newnan Georgia. The 280-acre facility employs more than 1,500 people and is renowned for its technological innovations, commitment to high quality manufacturing and environmentally forward-thinking practices. YMMC is committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and supporting employee/community programs through the Environmental Recycling Fund Program (ERFP).

Yamaha's Exclusive Multi-Mount System

Moving the Industry Forward

Yamaha’s exclusive multi-mount system on its FX WaveRunners and audio packages for the EX and VX Series allow you to customize your ride for the way that you spend your days out on the water. Pop on the Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth® Speakers, and take your tunes with you when you pull up on the beach. Gear up with a GPS Fish Finder with a transducer on the FX Series to open up new possibilities for endless fun and adventure on the water.

All of which can only be found on the Yamaha FX Series, EX Series and VX Series WaveRunners.


Yamaha Jet Propulsion

Boating Magazine editor Randy Vance looks at how jet propulsion works on Yamaha WaveRunners and Boats, and discusses the many advantages of the system compared to other types of marine propulsion.


TR-1® Engine

The new Yamaha TR-1® marine engine is the pinnacle of engine innovation. Yamaha set out to build a more powerful engine than its predecessor, while also making it smaller, and lighter.

The TR-1 motor achieves just that, in a package with one less cylinder that is 13% more powerful than the Yamaha MR-1™ engine that it is replacing, while being 40% smaller in size and 20% lighter in weight. The result is quicker acceleration, higher top-end speeds, with better fuel economy and more fun for the rider.


1.8L engine

The Yamaha Super Vortex High Output (SVHO®) engine is a purpose-built 1.8L, four-stroke, four-cylinder supercharged and intercooled motor that advances the performance gains made possible by its predecessor, the Yamaha Super High Output (SHO) engine.

The SVHO engine is the most technically-advanced motor ever designed for personal watercraft use and the most powerful engine ever in a Yamaha WaveRunner.



Few innovations have the ability to reshape an entire industry, but that is exactly what Yamaha’s NanoXcel® hull and deck technology has done for the personal watercraft.

Yamaha engineers innovated at the microscopic level using nano clay plus glass microbubbles to create a new, stronger resin system that uses less material. The glass microbubbles used in NanoXcel® are smaller and stronger than other filler materials, contributing to the strength, rigidity and light weight of the new hulls and decks.

As a result, Yamaha hulls and decks are the lightest in their class while maintaining the strength and durability they’ve come to be recognized for. Performance metrics associated with the new hulls include increased acceleration and top speed, better fuel economy, more responsiveness and enhanced handling. Yamaha continues to raise the bar on competition hulls and the pursuit of next level of nano-engineered design.

Open Loop Cooling System

Open Loop Cooling System

All Yamaha WaveRunners utilize open loop cooling, which is used by 99% of marine manufacturers. It’s the most effective, reliable and maintenance-free way to cool your engine. This is in sharp contrast to closed loop cooling systems used by competitive manufacturers, which is more difficult to maintain and more expensive to upkeep.