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The Largest Displacement PWC Engine Ever Made

The Largest Displacement PWC Engine Ever Made

Yamaha’s SVHO® engine is the top choice for the race course, and also available for your lake. There's never been a PWC engine like the SVHO® from Yamaha. More displacement, torque and power than any other WaveRunner® engine before it.

Yamaha RiDE™

Yamaha RiDE™

A revolutionary intuitive driving experience. The world's first dual handlebar throttle controls will change everything you know about riding and operating a personal watercraft.

Power Meets Lightweight Design

Power Meets Lightweight Design

Yamaha engineers innovated at the microscopic level using nano clay plus glass microbubbles to create a new, stronger resin system that uses less material. The glass microbubbles used in NanoXcel® 2 are smaller and stronger than other filler materials, contributing to the strength, rigidity and light weight of the new hulls and decks. NanoXcel® 2 reduces the weight of the FX SVHO® series by 46 pounds. As a result, Yamaha hulls and decks are the lightest in their class while maintaining the strength and durability they’ve come to be recognized for.

  1. Theater Style Cruiser® Seat
  2. Multifunction Instrumentation
  3. A Place for All Your Gear
  4. Features at Your Fingertips
  • Theater Style Cruiser® Seat

    Providing a view for all passengers, the stylish Cruiser® seat allows everyone onboard the comfort of theater-style seating.

  • Multifunction Instrumentation

    The dash displays useful operating functions while Cruiser® models also provide air temperature, water temperature, trip meter, fuel consumption display, and compass.

  • A Place for All Your Gear

    Two dry storage compartments ensure your valuables are always dry and there is still plenty of room for beverages and other items in up to five storage areas.

  • Features at Your Fingertips

    Command Link instrumentation allows you to easily access important dashboard functions while Cruise Assist and No Wake Mode™ make setting and holding the correct speed a breeze.

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Best Price-To-Value Ratio

  • NanoXcel® Ultra-lightweight Hull and Deck
  • RiDE™ by Yamaha with Reverse and Traction Control
  • Electric Trim System
  • Tilt Steering
  • Security/Low-RPM Mode Remote Transmitter
  • Cruise Assist/No Wake Mode™
  • Multifunction Instrumentation Panel

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Precision Handling, Total Comfort

  • 1.8L Super Vortex High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
  • Security/Low-RPM Mode Remote Transmitter with Dual Remotes
  • NanoXcel®2 Ultra-lightweight Hull and Deck

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Luxury Meets Family Tubing Fun

  • Rope Bag
  • Ski Tow Eye
  • 12V Charger
  • 4 Pull-up Cleats
  • Custom Cut Deck Mats
  • Tubing Package with:
    • Color Match Tube & Storage Strap

    • Tube Inflator

    • 12V Outlet

    • Smartphone Case

    • Custom Cover

    • Color Matched Rope

    • Dry Bag

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