Personal Watercraft's Jeff Hemmel reviews the 2019 EX Series featuring the All new race-inspired EXR


Boating Veteran Jeff Hemmel reviews the 2019 EX Series featuring the All new race-inspired EXR.

[Excerpted from Personal  August 28, 2018]

"Yamaha adds a significant performance boosts to the EX family with the introduction of the new 2019 Yamaha EXR."

"The 2019 Yamaha EXR build starts with the lightest weight version of NanoXcel, the brand’s vaunted NanoXcel 2 construction material, to fabricate both the hull and deck. Nano2 trims significant weight from the craft, dropping it to 540 pounds (in comparison the next-in-line EX Deluxe weighs in at 600). On the other half of that power-to-weight ratio, a new engine control unit (ECU) bumps up the horsepower of the 1,049cc TR-1 engine by 10% to an even 110hp. That engine now revs to 8000 rpm compared to the former 7300 rpm limit. Final changes include a new top-loader intake grate and 40mm pump extension."

"Other standout features follow the Deluxe specs with the inclusion of RiDE, Yamaha’s now-familiar dual-throttle system. Additional features include a two-tone cut and sew seat, reboarding step, mirrors and “advanced” graphics package. In the latter case, that turns out to be an Azure Blue hull and deck with neon yellow accents and saddle. "

"Top speed? Fifty-four miles per hour is the benchmark set for the 2019 Yamaha EXR, which is about four miles per hour faster than the Rec Lite standard, including Yamaha’s EX. The response, however, is equally notable, with a quicker holeshot and the pump extension resulting in a more playful, responsive, and aggressive attitude…"

"With 100hp, better standard storage and fuel capacity, and arguably a better presence in the water with the occasional third passenger (especially when conditions turn rough), the EX already held a slight advantage over the SPARK in terms of the spec sheet. "

"In short, good things really do still come in small packages."