All racers have one thing in common, they want to win. And when they lose confidence in their equipment, big changes are sure to follow. That was the case this season when an A-list of Sea-Doo® RXP-X riders made the switch to the SVHO-powered FZR.

Aero Aswar
"The decision was easy because the new FZR is faster everywhere on the racecourse regardless of the conditions. With that said, I can especially feel the difference on the starting line. The acceleration is way faster and the hookup is amazing. The new SVHO engine and the new 160mm pump is a perfect combination right out of the box."

Brian Baldwin
"I was really just looking for something new. When I was offered the chance to ride the new FZR, I was shocked how much power it has. In stock class form, the FZR feels like the Sea-Doo open class boat I raced. I race Pro Stock and in the Open class. The FZR is an amazing platform to start with in Open. It’s like starting two or three levels ahead of my competition. The FZR is the total package with the big pump, the big supercharger, the nano hull, the quick shift trim, and Yamaha reliability and durability."

Troy Snyder
"I’m no stranger to the FZR. In 2010 I won the Pro Limited championship on a borrowed FZR when my Sea-Doo broke. The FZR was good then, but it’s great now. It really does feel like an Open class boat out of the box. The extra cylinder really makes a big difference when you compare the four-cylinder SVHO engine to the three-cylinder Rotax motor. I used to have to carry lots of spare parts for my Sea-Doo. I don’t carry anything extra for my FZR. There’s no comparing the reliability."

These guys are like every other professional racer on the planet. They want to win. That’s why they choose the SVHO-powered FZR.