Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation Factory

[Excerpted from Watercraft Journal, October, 2017]

"Drawing heavily from its Japanese tradition, YMMC strives to create “Kando”, a Japanese word for “simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement when people experience Yamaha’s exceptional value.” The decision to move product development and full-time production to Georgia was multi-faceted: First, 70-percent of Yamaha’s market is in North America, making its sales and marketing, design engineering and manufacturing a highly collaborative effort. Additionally, YMMC maintains a strong culture of continuous improvement through organizing small group team projects to seek out and propose resolutions to streamline production and improve worker efficiency. These efforts have worked to prevent injuries, reduce water use, energy, air emissions and waste.

While Yamaha Marine engines are world-renowned for dependability and performance, YMMC has committed to equally high quality fabrication and assembly processes, resulting in superior fit-and-finish. Inside of the first assembly plant, Yamaha demonstrated its compression molding and US Steel tooling, all of which results in laser-measured accuracy. The low failure rate results in less lost inventory and superior hull and deck production numbers. In fact, the level of extensive error-proofing and safety controls borders on neurotic, but accounts for superior dependability and performance. While not fully automated, the production and assembly process meticulously proofed and evaluated, with an eye pointed towards continual improvement and streamlining."

Join the Watercraft Journal on a tour of the Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation in Newnan, GA.

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