Kevin Shaw from The Watercraft Journal reviews the 2019 EXR

Kevin Shaw from TheWatercraftJournal reviews the 2019 EXR

Writer Kevin Shaw walks us through the All-New 2019 EXR featuring NanoXcel 2 Technology and powerful TR-1 High Output engine for a fun and playful ride.

[Excerpted from the Watercraft Journal, November 23, 2018]

“In 1993, Yamaha introduced the WaveBlaster, a brightly-hued 320-pound, 2-seater propelled by a 701cc two-cylinder 2-stroke producing a then-class leading 63 horsepower. For the three years it was produced (1993-1996), the ‘Blaster quickly became a fan favorite due to its lightweight and nimble hull and brappy, almost-instant throttle-response. “

“Interestingly, it was this very same machine that Yamaha’s product development team had in mind when creating the 2019 EXR WaveRunner. “

“Yamaha’s team had decided early-on that the “R” designation attached to its performance-minded machines would need to have to carry much more weight than in previous years. For the EXR to rise to the same level, NanoXcel2 would also be used here.”

The change shaved a considerable 60 pounds from the machine, dropping it to 540-pounds (putting it 11-pounds less than Kawasaki’s 4-stroke standup SX-R). Equally, a new aggressively-angled top loader intake grate was installed to give the EXR greater hookup and traction in the turns. Additionally, a 40mm pump extension relocated the impeller further back, allowing the EXR superior hookup and reduced cavitation from its 144mm high-pressure pump, a thoughtful addition proving that Yamaha pays attention to what racers are cooking up.

“The final result of the above changes – particularly the lightweight and increased horsepower – is a throttle that is, in many ways, more responsive than ever the GP1800R.