Kevin Shaw from The Watercraft Journal reviews the FX Limited SVHO


Writer Kevin Shaw reviews the All-New 2019 FX Limited SVHO, the flagship of the FX Series with an industry-first touchscreen, Multi-Mount RAM System with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and other industry-leading features. 

[Excerpted from the Watercraft Journal, September 28, 2018]

“An honor typically bestowed upon the most advanced, highest decorated or deadliest ship in the fleet, the flagship was the vessel to carry the commanding admiral. With no less fanfare, the flagship of Yamaha Motor Corp. USA’s watercraft division is equally as advanced, decorated and lethal in the field of “battle” – the 2019 FX Limited SVHO WaveRunner. “

"Fore of the steering system are two alcoves with hardened mounting plates. These are part of the extensive accessory partnership Yamaha made with RAM Mounts. While most FX units will feature one mounting plate and a single cup holder, the Limited SVHO has two (the cup holder can be installed by backing out 3 Allen screws and replacing either of the plates), as well as a Garmin GPS Fish Finder with a transom-mounted transducer, and a pair of Bluetooth-controlled, waterproof speakers."

"Of course, the big news for all FX WaveRunners is the addition of the industry’s first full-color touch-screen dashboard. The 4.3-inch glare-resistant LCD instrumentation screen operating Yamaha’s “Connext” software provides “all [of the] vital system information, customized features and includes a new Drive Control technology for personalizing riding experiences.” (Drive Control permits for programming engine speeds and acceleration curves for towing, cruising, or less experienced riders.)"

"Because the touch screen function deactivates when the ski exceeds 20mph, Yamaha repurposed the buttons below the steering system to allow limited use of the multi-page functionality. Behind that is another bit of Yamaha innovation; a 100-percent waterproof glovebox. Both deep and padded with a soft corrugated liner, the glove box lid clicks open, and locks shut through the use of a rubberized latch. It’s a little awkward to operate at first, but once you get used to tugging up and moving it either back to open, or forward to seal closed, it’s easy to use. The spacious glove box also adds to the new FX’s whopping 44-gallons of total storage."

"Yes, the new 2019 FX Limited SVHO WaveRunner is a worthy successor to the previous model. Heck, make that an emphatic yes! We struggled to find any glaring flaws in the machine, apart from the clunky aesthetic of the exposed gas cap. We’d also would rather see any at-speed gauge controls moved from the dashboard to the handlebars to keep rider’s hands on the grips at all times. Other than those two quibbles, we were hard-pressed not to gush effusively over Yamaha’s newest flagship. From its sleek and powerful new shape, to its confidence-inspiring ride and all-water surface handling, to the virtual accessory-catalog’s worth of add-ons, this machine, above all others, is the benchmark for luxury performance."