Yamaha WaveRunner racers dominated the P1 AquaX tour opener in Daytona Beach, Fla. April 25-26, winning nine of 12 podium positions that included three overall wins. Yamaha racers competed in the 300, 250, 200 and Sport classes.

Highlights of the weekend came from Yamaha FZR riders Aqsa and Aero Aswar who absolutely dominated every moto, finishing 1-2 overall in the premier 300 Class. Yamaha VXR riders Travis Zielasko and Rob Greenwald chopped through the heavy surf to finish 1-2 in the 200 Class. Peruvian superstar Paloma Noceda finished in 2nd place in the 250 Class aboard her Yamaha FX SHO.

“We had three different product platforms out there competing – FZR, FX and VXR - and each one of them dominated, proving Yamaha’s leadership across each class,” said Yamaha’s Scott Watkins.

The P1 AquaX racing format is physically demanding with three 30-minutes plus one lap motos in each class raced over two days. Making the weekend more difficult was the constant pounding from the rough surf.

P1 AquaX racing returns June 6-7 in Jacksonville, Fla. For more information visit P1AquaX

300 Class

  1. Aqsa Aswar- Yamaha
  2. Aero Aswar- Yamaha
  3. Craig Warner- Kaw


250 Class

  1. David Gorie- Kaw
  2. Paloma Noceda- Yamaha
  3. Eric Lagopoulos- S-D


200 Class

  1. Travis Zielasko- Yamaha
  2. Rob Greenwald- Yamaha
  3. Brent Venderley- Yamaha


Sport Class

  1. Glen Jung- Yamaha
  2. Sam Nehme- Yamaha
  3. Ray Quintana- Yamaha